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Pine Tree

Did you know that for the Japanese it symbolizes Constancy, Health, Longevity?

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Did you know what the Triumph in the Defense of the Faith represents?

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Did you know that its fruit is known as olive?

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Did you know that the properties of Walnut are Magical and Healing?

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Did you know that it can grow up to 45 meters high?

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Did you know that less serious wounds can be cured by using the cooking water from its leaves to wash them?

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Did you know that it is known as «The Green Crown of the Planet»?

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Did you know that its average temperature is above 24 degrees?

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Did you know that our ancestors used its branches to clean?

At Spa del Bosque we look for the best alternatives so that in every corner you will find the Harmony, Peace and Tranquility that your mind and body need.

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At Spa del Bosque we look for alternative improvements so that in this space you find the harmony, peace and tranquility that your mind and body need.

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