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Helps to relax by reducing stress and anxiety, increases energy and activates the immune system.


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Therapy based on Chocolate Oils that provide hydration, detoxification and regeneration of the skin.

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Tired Legs

It improves the feeling of overload or heaviness in the legs, reactivates circulation and hydrates the skin.

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Hots Stones

Improves circulation, Releases toxins, Combats insomnia, Relieves muscle aches and Relaxes contractures.

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Therapy based on Red Fruit Oil, a neurosedative that helps insomnia, restores the nervous system and provides vitamin C nutrients.

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Facial Skull

Activates circulation and oxygenation, helping to eliminate headaches or migraines and stimulates the nutrients of the scalp.

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Combination of three therapies (Relaxing, Reflexology and Decontracting). Helps relax muscles, reduces stress, anxiety and activates the immune system.

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It stimulates the functioning of the different organs or areas of the body by exerting pressure on specific points, achieving a physical and mental balance.

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Deep Tissue

Prepares the muscles to improve performance, preventing injuries and helping lower back pain, sciatica, fibromyalgia, increases blood flow and reduces inflammation.

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It makes the muscles regain elasticity and movement, reducing physical fatigue, preventing muscle diseases.

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It tones and fights flaccidity, reduces cellulite, helps with constipation and contributes to the REDUCTION of sizes and measurements.

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Lymphatic Drainage

It helps to release fluids and toxins in the body, improves circulation and reduces stress.  

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Therapy focused on the needs of the body of the future mother, helps you reduce swelling of the feet, legs, relax the back. Provides rest and softness for your entire body.

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Kids Therapy

Helps to relax by reducing stress and activates the immune system. Therapy in order to instill well-being in mind, body and spirit from an early age.

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At Spa del Bosque we look for alternative improvements so that in this space you find the harmony, peace and tranquility that your mind and body need.

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